Most Wanted Sunday [Feb 24 – Mar 02] – “Antarctica – Standing on the Bottom of the World” App Review

Antarctica appHow many of you visited Antarctica?! Probably mostly say, No! Antarctica is a beautiful part in this world, which is completely surrounded by freezing ice. Obviously it is not a regular tourist place, but these days people are keen in exploring the beauty of Antarctica.

Antarctica – Standing on the Bottom of the World is a nice passage written by Robert Flynn. The app has got many in depth information about the world’s most enticing part with excellent photos showcased. It is a nice reading experience with the app as it collects most of the important information about Antarctica along with corresponding pictures.

All things are organized into several chapters that starts from “Why Antarctica?” and goes on!. The app has detailed writing of an entire voyage that gives you the thrill of being with them in Antarctica. There are penguins, ice and all the excitements throughout Antarctica. The good thing is the authors have perfectly added the reference links everywhere so that a reader can easily go through the information without leaving the app!

I am sure; if you go through this app you will definitely make a plan for your next trip towards the Antarctica!

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